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Mission / Vision

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Who We Are

COMMON is the world’s largest association of IT professionals that focus on IBM and related technologies. Since 1960, we have been serving our community of users, partners, and IBM through leadership, independent education, certification, networking and our advocacy efforts.


COMMON is focused on enhancing the careers of its members.


COMMON is a global association of business computing professionals who:

  • Foster leadership and provide advocacy
  • Deliver education and content leadership
  • Provide industry-recognized professional certification
  • Cultivate networking and collaboration

Code of Ethics


This Code of Ethics for COMMON has been adopted to promote and maintain fair dealing and reasonable conduct at all COMMON events. Adherence to the Code is required for membership in COMMON or participation in any COMMON events and any violation of the Code may be punishable in accordance with COMMON’s disciplinary policies and procedures. From time to time, the COMMON Board of Directors shall review this Code of Ethics to ensure that it is consistent with commonly recognized and accepted principles of fair conduct.

In recognition of the special relationship between COMMON and IBM and the membership’s need for information about IBM products and services, the Board of Directors may determine from time to time that displays and promotional sessions regarding such products and services are not a violation of COMMON’s rules and regulations.


The Judicial Affairs Council may interpret COMMON’s Code of Ethics: however, the COMMON Board has final interpretation. The Board of Directors or their designee may make any exceptions to the Code of Ethics.

Statement of Principles

  • At all COMMON events, the bylaws, codes, rules, regulations and policies of COMMON shall be strictly observed and enforced.
  • COMMON members, and participants in COMMON events, shall promote and encourage the highest level of ethics within the industry.
  • COMMON members, and participants in COMMON events, shall support efforts to improve the industry’s products and to encourage the research and development of new products
  • All sessions presented at a COMMON event are open to the press for reporting purposes unless the presenter designates otherwise. COMMON members and participants in COMMON events shall refrain from any activity that would violate the intellectual property rights of COMMON or any other organization or person
  • Prices may not be published or discussed at any regularly scheduled COMMON meeting (e.g., session, CUDs or BOF) subject to the provisions of the COMMON Conference Offerings Policy.
  • Exceptions to the Conference Offerings Policy must be approved in advance by the COMMON Board of Directors.
  • Use of COMMON events for the purpose of soliciting business is strictly prohibited other than provided by the COMMON Conference Offerings Policy or other policies.
  • Sponsored exhibitions and demonstrations must adhere to the Conference Offerings Policy.
  • The use of COMMON events for purposes of soliciting employment or employees is strictly prohibited unless that solicitation occurs between a student and business representative(s) within the confines of a COMMON sanctioned event such as a Student Job Fair or similar event.