Member Benefits

Why Join COMMON?

Representing thousands of IT professionals, COMMON is an integral part of the IBM i community with leading initiatives in education, advocacy, networking, and certification that allow you to get the most out of your IBM i investment. Your membership organization is comprised of everyday users, IBMers, industry experts, vendors, recognized speakers, leaders, and members of the academic community.


Expand your skillset and knowledge on new and emerging technologies that affect your IBM i. As the leading education provider in this space, you have access to world-class education from industry experts that will help you maximize your investment in leading-edge technologies. Choose from an unprecedented variety of continuing education options that are available both in-person and online.


You are part of the largest user group community of IT and Power Systems professionals. A key aspect of belonging to a professional association such as COMMON, is the unique opportunity it provides members to network, learn, and connect with one another. Many of our longtime members have found this to be the most valuable benefit of COMMON membership. Creating contacts in your field through networking that you can call upon for practical help, mentorship, technical support, or real-world knowledge is a great way to differentiate yourself and succeed in your career. 


COMMON’s mission is to enhance the careers of our members. We do this by providing leading education, facilitating networking and volunteer opportunities, fostering leadership, and by advocating for our members to IBM and other industry partners. Whether it’s a student that is just ready to enter the workforce, or a seasoned IT executive, COMMON can help them succeed in their job roles by offering resources and tools that will help deliver success to their organization. COMMON is a partner in your career’s success and that of your company’s – that is the true value of COMMON membership.


COMMON membership provides an array of benefits, discounts, and opportunities that only the largest Power Systems user group in North America can provide, including:

  • Exclusive access to the Online Content Library and its hundreds of hours of on-demand sessions on key IBM i topics.
  • Discounts on Online Boot Camps to sharpen your skills or help on-board new employees.
  • Thought leadership on relevant and forward-looking topics that impact your IBM i investment, such as AI and Cognitive computing.
  • Premier in-person educational events, including POWERUp and the Fall Conference.
  • Publications that provide industry expertise, updates from COMMON, and community news.
  • Credentialing through our independent and recognized COMMON Certification Program.
  • Exclusive ability to join online My Communities and engage with other members.

Choose the 2021 membership option that works best for you!

Individual PRO: $219

With an annual PRO membership, individuals can leverage COMMON’s benefits to expand their knowledge and skills, in addition to accessing a community of other IT professionals. These educational and networking opportunities can lead to career growth and advancement.

Join as an Individual

Corporate PRO: $745

If your company has four or more employees, this is the option to choose. One annual rate provides membership benefits to all individuals in your organization, providing training opportunities that might otherwise not be available. The knowledge employees gain by participating in COMMON events can be leveraged to solve expensive, critical issues or make systems more efficient. This more than pays for membership.

Is your company already a member and you need to set up individual access? Set up your account here.

Join as a Company

Academic Membership: Complimentary

Available to students currently enrolled in a degree-granting educational program and for up to two years after graduation, this complimentary membership provides a way to prepare for the working world by gaining knowledge, experience, and networking contacts. Additionally, COMMON offers complimentary academic memberships to current instructors at accredited, degree-granting universities.

To join, contact the Membership Department at 800-777-6734. Proof of current enrollment or university affiliation required.