IT Leadership Summit on Security

presented in collaboration with IBM

Organizations responded to the pandemic by accelerating digital business transformation, expanding cloud footprints, increasing their remote workforces,
and integrating their supply chains.

These new business models are accelerating security transformation. As risks evolve and new threats emerge, traditional security models that rely on defined perimeters and implicit trust are becoming obsolete. Organizations transcending traditional functional and organizational boundaries require a security model that is more holistic, multilayered,
and event-driven.

The IT Leadership Summit on Security will allow senior IT leaders from your company to hear from IBM and industry leaders about Cybersecurity and Zero Trust and how these are considerations for every company, including those running IBM i on Power.


 February 16, 2023 |  Dallas, TX



Meet the Experts

IT Leadership Summit on Security

February 16, 2023  |  8:30am - 5:00pm

IBM Innovation Studios Dallas | 1177 S. Beltline Road | Coppell, TX

Cost: No Charge  |  Limited Availability