Eye on the i

Eye on the i

Eye on the i explores the world of IT and IBM Power Systems through peer-written articles. Published bimonthly, find the current issue and past issues below.

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In this edition: 

  • Education
  • President's Corner - Too Small for AI? Think Again.
  • Pete's Perspective - Artificial Intelligence
  • Gordon Leary - What is AI and Why Does it Matter to COMMON
  • Amy Blank - On the Road to AI: Introduction to Design Thinking
  • COMMON Education Foundation - CEF Opportunities
  • Geek Treats with Dawn May - The Rise of Machines That Think
    May Give Rise to People That Don't
  • Membership Corner 
  • Laura Ubelhor - A Day in the Future
  • The Computing of Business #66 - Teletransformation, Whether We Wanted It or Not