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2022 Outlook by Laura Ubelhor: Cloud

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Continuation of “2022 Outlook” by Laura Ubelhor as published in Eye on the i, December 2021.


Cloud is not something new. It has been around for a long time. Cloud offerings can include hardware solutions, software solutions or a hybrid. It is amazing how many organizations have jumped on the band wagon to provide cloud solutions. It is a hot topic today and will be into the future. I always recommend doing your due diligence. Make sure to align with someone proven that can deliver what is expected. Cloud can and is an awesome solution for many but also there are instances of deliverables not meeting expectations. Many have worked out to be a great fit. Turning over support including updates and user support can allow for an organization can minimize the inhouse resource requirement. Make sure if you check out cloud that you align with an organization providing the service that can be a partner in your business freeing up internal IT to move forward with a proactive approach to fulfilling IT organizational needs. Make sure also that you are thorough with covering the needs and prevent entering a contractual relationship and finding that some necessities have been overlooked. For example, upgrades, availability, DR needs, flexibility for change and growth and a solution that aligns with the organizations long term plans. With the evolution of internet, offerings, connectivity, remote access, experience, and technology changes a cloud solution is a more viable and attractive alternative and offering. Going in to 2022 Cloud will be a hot topic and many more organizations will find a great fit in Cloud offerings. With resource retiring and organizational changes a cloud solution can be found to fit the need.