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Distinguished Service Award

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The Distinguished Service Award recognizes a volunteer’s continued dedication and service to the growth and development of the COMMON organization. To foster the unique honor of the award, the number presented at each Annual Meeting is limited.


Nominations are accepted throughout the year and held for review and selection prior to each Annual Meeting. Any nominations received after the current year’s deadline will be held for the next conference.

To nominate an individual, please provide the information requested below. The selection of award recipients is based on the information supplied. If you need assistance in gathering information, please contact COMMON at 800-777-6734.

The COMMON Nominating Committee is responsible for award review and selection. Please note: past recipients are generally not considered eligible for a period of two years.

Submission Contact Information

Distinguished Service Award


Award Inscription
Please suggest an inscription for the award plaque, in the event your candidate is chosen. COMMON reserves the right to edit if necessary.