Large Users Group (LUG)

The Large User Group (LUG)

LUG membership includes nearly one hundred large companies who have a significant investment in IBM i; currently, over 53 million CPW is in use by LUG members. Member companies are active in many industries, such as finance, manufacturing, insurance, retail, petroleum, and media. There are enterprises from around the world, and most of them are recognized as leaders in their industry. Learn more about The Large User Group.
COMMON and the LUG are partners in providing a collective voice to IBM to enhance the system for continued improvement and return on your IBM i investment. Members of the LUG receive a 50% discount on their COMMON Corporate Membership through 2021. If your company is a member of LUG, please contact our Membership Department to learn how you can take advantage of this special membership offer – email Manzoor Siddiqui at or call 312-279-0217.