Speaker Awards

2019 Speaker Awards

Speaker Excellence Awards – 2019
Awarded at POWERUp 2020 – Virtual

Bronze Award

  • Rob Bestgen
    Advanced SQL Set Processing

  • Andrew Dekreon
    Intermediate SQL: Unleash the POWER

  • Jesse Gorzinski
    Tools for Getting Started with Open Source

  • Mark Irish
    Connecting to Db2 on IBM i with Node.js

  • Edmund Reinhardt
    RDi Advanced Tips and Tricks

  • Steve Will
    IBM i 7.4 Overview

Silver Award

  • Liam Allan
    Intro to Git

  • Ray Everhart
    Building and Sharing RDi Templates to Improve Developer Productivity 

  • Scott Forstie 
    • Real-Time Governance of Database Activity
    • What's New in Db2 for i for 7.4
  • Charles Guarino
    • RDi and Git - The Basics
    • Configuring RDi for RPG Development
  • Ted Holt 
    • SQL PL for RPG Programmers
  • Scott Klement

    • Options for Consuming REST APIs from RPG
    • Working with JSON in RPG with YAJ
  • Dawn May
    • IBM i Performance Data Collectors
    • Introduction to the IBM i Performance Data Investigator
  • Pete Massiello
    • Moving from HMC Classic GUI to the New Enhanced GUI
  • Mike Pavlak
    Business Uses for Python and IBM i

  • Justin Reock
    Intro to React (JavaScript library)

  • Robert Swanson
    JavaScript 101: First Look from an RPG Perspective

  • Steven Wolk 
    SQL Easy as Magic!

Gold Award

  • Wayne Bowers

    • IBM i ACS Advanced Usage and Administration
    • IBM i Access Client Solutions Deployment Guide

  • Charles Guarino
    • 17, No 27, No 37 Facts and Figures about Rational Developer for i (RDi)
    • The Business, Science, and Uses of ILE Service Programs
    • Debugging with RDi from the On-Ramp to the Cruising Lane
  • Ted Holt 
    • Thirty SQL Tips in Sixty Minutes
    • Dawn May
      • IBM i Prestart Server Jobs
      • IBM i Services for the Systems Administrator
    • Pete Massiello
      • Cool Things in Navigator to be a Rockstar System Administrator
      • How to Successfully Upgrade to IBM i 7.4 & 7.3
    • Steve Pitcher
      Rapid Fire Admin

    Best Awards

    Best New Session - Dawn May

    Best New Speaker - Justin Reock