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2022 Outlook by Laura Ubelhor: Opensource

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Continuation of “2022 Outlook” by Laura Ubelhor as published in Eye on the i, December 2021.


IBM has embraced Opensource and continues to offer new options and solutions. I am glad to see Opensource mindset change to a feeling having such a solution as a security risk to embracing what it can offer. We have seen significant growth with organizations using Python, Node.js, PHP and other Opensource solutions. Using Opensource does not mean that you need to abandon what you already have in place. There is no reason you cannot embrace opensource to provide a more modern solution or to attract younger resource or expand the ability to find resource or take advantage of what Opensource has to offer on IBM i. It is common to see Opensource solutions used either as the primary technology or to supplement and build upon system features and functionality. Many have RPG. Embracing Opensource does not mean you have to get rid of RPG. Opensource and RPG can work well together. Explore if you have not already done so. You can find so many Opensource options and often with a small price tag and often with a lot of learning opportunities. Tim Rowe, Jesse Gorzinski, John Iriish, Richard Schoen, Mike Pavlak, Pete Helgran, Alan Seiden, and many other industry experts continue to embrace and put forth a lot of effort to educate on what is offered and can be done with Opensource. You can find endless scripts, education offerings including local user groups and COMMON. Going into 2022 I strongly believe that many more organizations will embrace and find awesome solutions making use of Opensource.