Welcome to Fort Worth!

POWERUp 2024, positioned as a dynamic and influential event, is set to unfold in Fort Worth—the 12th-largest city in the United States, renowned for its Texas-sized hospitality and an array of vibrant districts that promise both cultural richness and entertainment. Dive into the powerful atmosphere of the historic western Stockyards, hosting unique experiences like the world’s only twice-daily cattle drive, the legendary Billy Bob’s Texas (the world’s largest honky-tonk), and the trendy new Mule Alley. Experience connectivity at its best in downtown, featuring the expansive 37-block Sundance Square entertainment district. Engage with the intellectual and cultural gems of the city, including the captivating museums of the Cultural District, the serene Botanic Garden, and the nearby Fort Worth Zoo. At POWERUp 2024, discover the synergy of technology, innovation, and the unmistakable Texan spirit in this dynamic urban landscape.