Pre-Conference Workshops


Add in-depth education to your POWERUp 2020 experience by signing up for one or two Workshops! These half-day workshops take place on Friday, September 18th and provide you an opportunity to learn about leading topics that will affect your business and this industry. They are all presented by industry expert speakers, and cover hot topics that will have an impact on your business. More information on the topics coming soon!

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A separate registration and fee is required to attend a workshop. If you have not yet registered for POWERUp, you may add it during your registration, or contact to add a workshop to your existing registration.

Full Day Workshop

Practical Guide to Running IBM i in the Cloud

IBM i in the Cloud
 Tom Huntington, HelpSystems
 Pete Massiello, iTech Solutions
 Loke Tan, Skytap
 John Bradshaw, Skytap

 Friday @ 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM


Add this workshop to your agenda to gain a practical understanding of how to run IBM i in the cloud. This day's worth of education will provide you with multiple perspectives from various cloud providers and allow you to get your hands-on the tools themselves.

Organizations and tools presented include:

Organizations struggle to modernize traditional applications from on-premises to the cloud. A lot of the time this is due to capacity constraints. In this workshop lab, using your own laptop you will gain hands on experience of IBM i on the Skytap cloud and discover how to use the cloud to give you the capacity you need when you need it.

As an attendee you’ll spin up your own IBM i LPARs, link them to your DevOps pipeline and push new code to build and deploy. John Bradshaw (Principal Architect) and Loke Tan(Director of Product Management) from Skytap will work with you to Build a Jenkins CI/CD pipeline for IBM i on the Skytap Platform.

IBM Power Champion Tom Huntington will join for a portion of the day to help prepare you for your IBM i cloud journey. Tom shares expert advice on two important considerations when moving to the cloud: capacity and data migration. Sizing your cloud environment properly involves intimate knowledge of your current and projected performance needs beyond CPW, disk, and memory. Once you know how much capacity you need, you can then focus on getting your data and applications to the cloud. Tom demonstrates how you can migrate your data over time while keeping it in sync with your on-prem data until you are ready to switch over to the cloud.

Dan Magid, CEO of Eradani, and Dave Romo, CTO of Eradani, will walk you through ways you can dramatically accelerate the development of software for your IBM iby taking advantage of the Cloud. They will show you how to Develop using the latest in modern DevOps processes, find and fix bugs at a much faster rate,test more comprehensively and modernize your overall application stack. Using a combination of open source tools, a direct connection to cloud native resources and on-demand environments, Dan and Dave will provide a live demo of IBM i development in the cloud with x86 and IBM i workloads working in tandem.

There is no one-cloud-fits-all option. While the possibilities are endless, the cloud journey can be daunting for enterprises which have unique regulatory and data requirements, extensive IT investments in their on-premise infrastructure, and are currently running anywhere from five to 15 different mission-critical workloads. This is why businesses need to consider a hybrid cloud approach, which helps them to build, deploy and manage applications and data running on-premise, in private clouds and in public clouds.

Attend this session to learn about the significant business benefits for IBM Power Systems on IBM Cloud, which can help address the different challenges organizations face as they expand their IT infrastructure beyond on-premise to meet the demands of the digital economy.  We'll discuss details about the offering, common use cases and reference architecture as well as walk through a demo including a look at a large system migration.

iTech Solutions
Its more than just hardware.  Its having the right combination of Hardware, Services, Staff, and offerings to help you migrate your workload to the cloud.  Because Cloud means something different to everyone, we offer High Availability Replication, Platform as a Service, Backup to the Cloud, Managed Administration of your environment, and even ability to host customer provided equipment. Come learn about what other things you need to think about when moving your workload to the cloud.

Learn more about the speakers and the workshop here.


Half Day Workshop

Preparing for and Investigating the Unthinkable... Your IBM i has been attacked

Internet of Things
 Carol Woodbury
 Friday @ 1:00 PM - 4:00 PM


This half day workshop is broken into two parts, both delivered live via Zoom.  

Part 1: Preparing for an Attack on an IBM i Partition
Whether a user clicked on that wrong link and your IBM i has been infected with ransomware, or you've been informed by officials that information from your organization has appeared on the Dark Web or a mistake in a router configuration left your IBM i directly available on the Internet, action is required. But do you know what those actions should be? These events require plans that you hope you never have to implement It’s like knowing where the fire escapes are – you want to know where the escape route is PRIOR to a fire breaking out. This session describes the plans to make and steps to take to ensure you’re prepared should your IBM i be attacked.

Part 2: Investigating an Attack on IBM i and the Top 5 Steps to Take to Prevent Future Attacks
Perhaps your organization has been attacked but it's not clear whether your IBM i has been affected. Or perhaps your system accidentally became accessible on the Internet and you need to determine whether the system was accessed. Based on a real-life incident, Carol will describe the steps to take (e.g., the audit journal entries to examine and logs to read) to determine whether your IBM i has been breached. She will also describe the top 5 steps you can take on IBM i to prepare for and to prevent future attacks.

Learn more about the speaker here.


Half Day Workshop

Embedded SQL 

Internet of Things
 Birgitta Hauser
 Friday @ 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM


SQL is IBM's relational database language that can be used to query, update and delete data from the database. SQL is becoming the 'de facto' industry standard for accessing distributed data. Record Level Access on the other side can only be used with RPG and Cobol. However instead of using embedded SQL in the same way as native I/O, it makes more sense to join multiple tables or views, merge different sub-selects and even aggregate data in a single SQL-statement (Set based thinking). SQL also provides a lot of scalar functions that are not available in RPG, but with embedded SQL they can be directly used, without accessing any table. 

But there is even more: 
·         Result Sets returned by stored procedures can be consumed 
·         Data can be read from and directly written to the IFS. 
·         And web-services can be accessed and consumed. 
In this workshop you’ll discover how all these features can be used directly in RPG.

Learn more about the speaker here.