Pre-Conference Workshops

Pre-Conference Workshops

Add in-depth education to your POWERUp 2020 experience by signing up for a Pre-Conference Workshop! These all-day workshops take place on Sunday, April 19th and provide you an opportunity to learn about leading topics that will affect your business and this industry. They are all presented by industry expert speakers, and this year cover two hot topics - Internet of Things (IoT) or Running IBM i in the Cloud. Learn more about each workshop below and sign-up!

A separate registration and fee is required to attend a workshop. If you have not yet registered for POWERUp, you may add it during your registration, or contact to add a workshop to your existing registration.


Internet of Things
 Jesse Gorzinski, IBM
 Michael Dawson, IBM
 Kevin Adler, IBM
 Aaron Magid, Eradani

 Sunday @ 8:30 AM - 4:00 PM


Don’t get left behind as companies around the world create competitive advantage by gathering valuable data through IoT connected devices!

Have an IoT device with your morning cappuccino? Starbucks is now installing IoT sensors in their coffee machines to gather information and securely share it. Need to monitor the location, speed, gas mileage, tire pressure, weight, outside temperature and other data regarding your fleet of trucks? Trucking companies are doing this now with IoT sensors. Want to monitor your patients who are at risk for heart attacks or diabetes? A new generation of connected wearables allow healthcare providers to do just that.

In this workshop, you will get hands on experience in setting up your IBM i to connect with and gather data from IoT devices. We will show you what software you need and how to start building the programs that will allow you to gather and process data. We will talk about the kinds of sensors you can use to gather data and the kinds of data you can collect. You can then use your imagination to initiate IoT adoption and drive competitive advantage for your company through the use of IoT data.

Learn more about the speakers and workshop here.



IBM i in the Cloud
 Tom Huntington, HelpSystems
 Pete Massiello, iTech Solutions
 Loke Tan, Skytap
 John Bradshaw, Skytap

 Sunday @ 8:30 AM - 4:00 PM


Organizations struggle to modernize traditional applications from on-premises to the cloud. A lot of the time this is due to capacity constraints. In this workshop lab, using your own laptop you will gain hands on experience of IBM i on the Skytap cloud and discover how to use the cloud to give you the capacity you need when you need it.

As an attendee you’ll spin up your own IBM i LPARs, link them to your DevOps pipeline and push new code to build and deploy. John Bradshaw (Principal Architect) and Loke Tan(Director of Product Management) from Skytap will work with you to Build a Jenkins CI/CD pipeline for IBM i on the Skytap Platform.

IBM Power Champion Tom Huntington will join for a portion of the day to help prepare you for your IBM i cloud journey. Tom shares expert advice on two important considerations when moving to the cloud: capacity and data migration. Sizing your cloud environment properly involves intimate knowledge of your current and projected performance needs beyond CPW, disk, and memory. Once you know how much capacity you need, you can then focus on getting your data and applications to the cloud. Tom demonstrates how you can migrate your data over time while keeping it in sync with your on-prem data until you are ready to switch over to the cloud.

There will also be presentation and discussion time from providers of other cloud solutions.

Add this workshop to your agenda to gain a practical understanding of how to run IBM i in the cloud.

Learn more about the speakers and the workshop here.