Robert Loredo
 Robert Loredo, IBM

 Monday @ 1:30 PM - 2:30 PM

Lower Level 2, Grand Hall



For almost 40 years, quantum computing has intrigued and amazed scientists and non-scientists in its future possibility for solving problems that are intractable using classical computing. Over the last three years, IBM has made real quantum computers available on the cloud so that clients, students, and researchers can begin to learn and experiment with this new way of computing.

We'll see what use cases are being considered in industry, the state of quantum computing today, and how you can get on the right path to make the earliest use of this rapidly evolving technology.

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Bob Tipton
 Robert Tipton

 Tuesday @ 1:30 PM - 2:30 PM

Lower Level 2, Grand Hall



Our “go-go” society seems to reward our abilities to max-out our calendars, to fill our to-lists to the brim, and to just “do more…” You only live once, right? Why is it then the majority of the faces I see are marked by stress, dissatisfaction, burn-out, fatigue, and frustration? Most people, it seems, are just wiped out.

I’ve worked with 100s of individuals over the past 20+ years – assisting them to make choices in life, career, relationships, etc. – and the one central feature I’ve discovered to living a life of fulfillment and joy is “doing something” that connects to ones’ values, principles, and passions.

Now – the “you can have it all by following your passions” advice you hear from the stage at the Oscars (for example) isn’t “real” advice. For nearly all of us, our passion doesn’t translate well into money-making opportunities (I LOVE baseball – but I was NOWHERE near good enough at it to make a living).

However, our passions are RIPE for us as opportunities to volunteer – to share our time and talent with others for the satisfaction of sharing. As an example, I’ve had the joy of coaching competitive sports over the years – sharing my knowledge, skills, and experience with kids.

This presentation focuses on the “Hidden Power” of volunteering – and the benefits that come to us as a result:

 - We are less stressed, angry, and anxious – life is joyful
 - We are physically, mentally, and emotionally healthier – we live longer
 - We feel a connection to our deeper purpose in life
 - We build new relationships based upon shared interests
 - We make the world around us better because we are better

Come learn the hidden power in sharing our time and talents, and discover how you receive more by giving more.

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The Art of Proficiency 

Westley McDuffie
 Westley McDuffie

 Wednesday @ 1:30 PM - 2:30 PM

Lower Level 2, Grand Hall



Proficient: well advanced in art, occupation, or branch of knowledge - That is the definition from Merriam-Webster. In this mantra here lies the problem. Humans have bad habits, they are lazy, bad at lying, predictable, and are not very good at multitasking. Untrained humans under duress will show signs of FIGHT/FLIGHT/FREEZE. The cycle has to be broken in order to be come proficient at any task. In simplistic terms, you have to prepare, you have to learn to be proficient.

Another decade is upon us, we’re 1/5 of the century. 20 years ago we were worried about Y2K. A little programming issue over two digits, and 18 years later were going to see something like this again, possibly. Also 20 years ago Bruce Schneier stated that security is a process not a product. In alignment what I was saying earlier the difference between proficiency and efficiency in the last 20 years corporations have developed efficient processes. While increasing the gap between the two. In 2019 there is an estimated million plus job openings in networking many being in the security realm. Now companies are moving to more efficient ways of conducting businesses, moving at a speed that leaves little in the way of proficient engineering crews, to manage increased issues.

Sometimes allowing bleeding edge technology to become cutting edge – is worth the time needed to build a level of competency in business decisions.