Now that Open Source languages are available for use with IBM Power Systems, many programmers need to add to their skills. On this page are the resources you need to learn, create and collaborate on Open Source on Power projects. COMMON is working to establish more Open Source resources, so check back often. Enjoy!


Open Source Video Tutorials

A set of 14 videos are now available by subscription. Learn Node.js, Ruby and Python at your convenience. Presenters are Kevin Adler, Aaron Bartell and Pete Helgren.

YiPs Website

Founded as Young i Professionals, YiPs has transformed its website into a great location for code repositories and projects. Many of the links on the site are replicated, but reviewing the site provides a solid view of Open Source technologies that run on Power.

IBM developerWorks Open

This site has hundreds of resources available across dozens of proven, as well as leading-edge, technologies. Although not limited to Power, the site can be a useful starting place in gathering initial information about projects and processes in the larger Open Source community.


Over time, the availability of Open Source languages for Power Systems has increased. This trend is expected to continue. Here are some of the languages that can be used for development.

PHP has been available on Power for quite a while. There is a long list of of development resources available.

Ruby and Rails are relatively new to Power and IBM i.

Python is a new kid on the block, but the power and utility of this “old” scripting language has a lot to offer.

Node.js is so new to IBM i and Power that you can almost smell the freshness! The node.js community and application repositories are growing rapidly.


Many resources are available to assist with Open Source projects. See below for more information.


Felix’s Node.js Guide – Content on a variety of Node.js topics

Litmis Press Archives – Various Node.js articles written specifically for IBM i

Node Beginner Book – Content for those just starting out

Node.js Foundation – Includes API docs

Node.js Intro – IBM i-specific tutorial

NodeSchool – Introductory materials with tutorials

Stack Overflow – Q&A website (see this popular question)

Coming Soon

Resources for other Open Source languages will be added soon.


Staying connected is a constant challenge in this “socially connected” world. COMMON is developing platforms to keep you up to date with the latest Open Source information. In the meantime, take a look at some of the other content available online.

Club Seiden

Alan Seiden has a group of developers – members of the club!  You are invited to join as well. Various projects in many languages are available.

Club Seiden

IBM i OSS LinkedIn Group

If you are into LinkedIn, join others who gather to discuss IBM i and Open Source technologies.

IBM i OSS Group


Yeah, it’s Aaron Bartell again (see Mow Your Lawn). This time Aaron has moved out of RPG and found Open Source joy in more mainstream languages like Ruby and JavaScript.

Litmis Mailing List for Open Source

It isn’t a REAL IBM i product until it has its own mailing list on


GodzillaI5 (PHP)

There are plenty of people who are invested in PHP on IBM i, and many of them blog about it. One source is GodzillaI5. Weird name, lots of posts.


Mow Your Lawn (RPG)

This is Aaron Bartell’s RPG Open Source website. Aaron has been active in Open Source and has spent several years developing projects in RPG.

Mow Your Lawn


Long awaited port of Ruby to the IBM i was delivered two years ago, and it has been strong ever since. Download PowerRuby and get support and other help at this site.


You might call Scott the “father of Open Source on i” since he has been developing and releasing Open Source solutions on IBM i as long as anyone can remember. You’ll find projects, PowerPoint presentations and much, much more on his extensive website.

Zend (PHP)

Hardly the new kid on the block, there is plenty new happening in PHP-land. The Zend website is a great starting point.


Ryver IBM i OSS Group

Ryver is a team communication tool that uses chats, files, email and other collaboration tools to keep a team in the loop as they develop and discuss. You can sign up for the Ryver IBM i OSS group here:

Ryver IBM i OSS group signup