Education Schedule

October 24:
POWERcast – Inside the Integrated File System

October 29:
POWERcast – Which IBM Cloud is Right for You?

October 29:
MEMBERcast – Best Practices for Moving from RPG IV to RPG Free

October 30:
POWERcast – How FRS Integrated Webdocs to Transform Their Business

November 7:
POWERcast – Introduction to BRMS for IBM i

November 18, 20, & 22:
Webinar – Open Source on IBM i

November 19:
MEMBERcast – What’s New in Db2

October 24, 2019

POWERcast: Inside the Integrated File System (IFS)

Speaker: Chuck Losinski, & Ash Giddings
Price: Free courtesy of HelpSystems
October 24, 2019 at 10:00 a.m. CST

Before AS/400 fans ever even heard the term “iSeries”, IBM had already rolled out the integrated file system (IFS) to give IBM i users the ability to run applications that don’t follow the traditional library structure.

Today, IBM i shops use the IFS regularly for storage, web servers, applications, and more. Even the Windows IT team needs to access the IFS on IBM i for file exchanges! But with great power comes great responsibility—and many don’t have the knowledge or tools necessary to manage this technology.

During this live webinar, you’ll learn basic tips, helpful tools, and integrated file system commands—including WRKLNK—for managing your IFS directories and Access Client Solutions (ACS). We’ll answer your most pressing IFS questions, including:

  • What is stored inside my IFS directories?
  • How do I monitor the IFS?
  • How do I replicate the IFS or back it up?
  • How do I secure the IFS?

Understanding what the integrated file system is and how to work with it must be a critical part of your systems management plans for IBM i. If you don’t have the time—or the desire—to do it manually, we’ll also show you how HelpSystems tools can make it easy for you.

We look forward to having you join us on October 24!

About the Speakers

Chuck Losinski has over 30 years of experience in IT, including 25+ years on the IBM i platform. His background covers a wide variety of technical responsibilities, involving system implementation, programming, operations, and support. He is certified as an IBM System Administrator and as a HelpSystems Robot Certified Specialist.

Ash Giddings began his career on IBM Mainframe before moving onto midrange systems such as IBM i and AIX and then Windows and Linux. He has worked for some of the largest data centers in Europe and has advised large companies around the world on way to save costs and improve efficiencies.

October 29, 2019

POWERcast: Which IBM Cloud is Right for You?

Speaker: Kris Whitney, Dave Wiseman, & Amar Patel
Price: Free courtesy of Connectria
October 29, 2019 at 2:00 p.m. CST

With the recent announcements from hyperscale cloud providers entering the IBM Power Systems arena, Power Systems users now have several cloud options available to them. But, which cloud is right for your IBM i workloads? And more importantly, what is the best way to administer and support these environments? In this webinar, Kris Whitney from IBM’s R&D team joins IBM experts from Connectria to provide insights and direction on each of the IBM cloud types. We’ll provide an overview of the technology involved, options for migrating to the cloud, and ongoing management options. You’ll leave this webinar feeling more knowledgeable about the choices you have in front of you and more confident in your ability to choose the right path and make the right decisions.

About the Speakers

Kris Whitney is a Senior Technical Staff Member at IBM Rochester. He has worked at IBM for the last 19+ years and currently is leading the development for Db2 Mirror for i and IBM i Public Cloud enablement.


Dave Wiseman has been in the Technology Industry for the past 28  years. Wiseman helped to establish the IBM i hosting and cloud solutions  for Connectria. Currently his responsibilities include architecting client cloud solutions and supporting pre-sales efforts.  He is a member of several organizations supporting IBM i technologies. 

Amar Patel joined Connectria as Chief Revenue Officer in 2018 after almost two decades of sales leadership experience in major tech providers including Dell and Rackspace. He brings a love of learning and a passion for technology particularly in how it can help his customers to his role.

Amar has a BA in business economics from the University of Texas at Austin where he helped found the Beta Kappa Gamma fraternity, a service-based organization that now has seven chapters across the country focused on serving local communities through various philanthropic activities and promoting academic scholarship.

October 30, 2019

POWERcast: How FRS Integrated Webdocs to Transform Their Business

Speaker: Greg Schmidt & Carl Novit
Price: Free courtesy of HelpSystems
October 30, 2019 at 10:00 a.m. CST

The difference between a good software solution and a great software solution is in its ability to not just solve a problem, but to transform the way you do business. That’s how FRS, a restaurant equipment and supply company, found true value when they started integrating processes with Webdocs from HelpSystems.

In this live webinar, hosted by COMMON and HelpSystems, learn how FRS used the power of integration to streamline critical processes across their business—from their AP and AR departments to their field technicians—for more efficient, accurate, and paperless processes.

Join Greg Schmidt, Sr. Technical Solutions Consultant at HelpSystems, for a Q+A session with Carl Novit, Vice President and Owner at FRS, as they discuss:

  • What lead them to need a document management solution
  • How they evaluated and overcame early challenges and roadblocks
  • What’s next for FRS as they look for more opportunities to streamline

Save your spot to hear this important discussion on how integrating Webdocs within your current processes can truly transform your business.

About the Speakers

Greg Schmidt is a 15-year veteran in document, forms, and process management. Specializing in process management, he is equipped to help companies automate their document capture and streamline their troublesome and often cumbersome business processes with technology. Best practice guidance for implementation and solution expansion within a company is one of his top priorities.

Greg also has over a decade’s worth of experience in report and data distribution for IBM i and the Microsoft Windows platforms.

Carl Novit is one of the owners and Vice President of FRS, restaurant equipment and supply superstores in North and South Carolina. Carl grew up in the restaurant equipment business, the third generation of his family to work there. In his 24 years at FRS, he’s done a little bit of everything, including sales and installations of new commercial kitchens. Today, his main day-to-day activities revolve around systems and finances.

November 7, 2019

POWERcast: Introduction to BRMS for IBM i

Speakers: Tom Huntington & Mervyn Venter
Price: Free courtesy of HelpSystems
November 7, 2019 at 9:00 a.m. CST


You know IBM’s Backup, Recovery and Media Services (BRMS) for i can help you track your media volumes, provide history about your backups, automate your backups, and guide you through a restore. But did you know that there’s a different way to set up BRMS if you’re using tape backups versus virtual tape libraries (VTLs)?

BRMS is available as a licensed program product (LPP) on IBM i, but you need to know how to set it up correctly. Otherwise you risk not having your irreplaceable IBM i data backed up properly.

In this 1-hour webinar, IBM’s Mervyn Venter joins IBM Power Champion Tom Huntington for some hands-on training that steps you through the setup process for BRMS. You’ll learn how to:

• Define rules using BRMS commands
• Create BRMS policies for backups
• Define volumes to BRMS
• Run backups
• Restore from your backups

In case of emergency, IBM i backups are critical for data recovery. If you’re new to IBM i or have just never really understood BRMS, this webinar is your chance to get free product training with practical information that you can apply immediately.

We look forward to having you join us on November 7!

About the Speakers

Tom Huntington is Executive Vice President of Technical Solutions at HelpSystems and has been named an IBM Champion for the last four years. He oversees business alliances and large customer relationships and ensures that HelpSystems software works with other major software and hardware vendors worldwide.

In his nearly 40-year career with IBM, Mervyn Venter has become a worldwide subject matter expert on BRMS for IBM i. He got his start in South Africa before relocating to Rochester, MN. Mervyn now works in IBM Lab Services, providing BRMS, SKLM, and HA services to IBM i customers.


MEMBERcasts are webcasts designed to provide current product or industry information to COMMON Members, free of charge. Nonmembers can pay $99 to attend.

Best Practices for Moving from RPG IV to RPG Free

Speaker: Ray Everhart
Price: Free to Members/$99 Nonmembers
October 29 at 11:00 a.m. CST

There are still millions of lines of RPG IV code in use every day that are critical to business operations. This session will explore the options available in order to help you make the best choices possible as you protect your investment in the IBM i. A sample program will be Converted from RPG IV to RPG Free in order to show the conversion process.

Learning Objectives
– Mapping the gap between the current state and the selected reference architecture
– Business Justification for converting from RPG IV to RPG Free
– Best Practices for converting from RPG IV to RPG Free

MEMBERcast – What’s New in Db2

Speaker: Scott Forstie
Price: Free to Members/$99 Nonmembers
When: November 19, 2019 at 11:00 am, CST

Scott Forstie, the Db2 for i Business Architect will present the enhancements being added to Db2 for i and ACS in 4Q/2019.
Join this session to learn all about the new features coming to IBM i 7.3 and 7.4.


Webinars are more in-depth; they can span several hours over the course of a few days or a few weeks. These special sessions are available for a minimal admission charge, with a discount offered to Members.

Open Source on IBM i

Speaker: Erwin Earley
Dates and Time: November 18, 20, & 22 at 11:00 a.m. CST

Open Source Solutions have been an ever-increasing force for productivity and cutting-edge solutions within the overall IT community.  IBM i has supported open source solutions for better than 15 years with solutions such as PHP, MySQL, and Apache along with open standards such as OpenSSH and OpenSSL.  In May of 2018 IBM expanded the shear breath of Open Source Solutions on the platform as well as changed delivery and management of those solutions with the adoption of the RPM (RedHat Package Manager) approach to packing solutions.  This has greatly expanded both the availability and use of open source on the platform.   This webinar series provides the opportunity explore open source through both lecture as well as hands-on exercises.  Topics in the workshop include:

  • Introduction to Open Source on IBM i
  • Why is Open Source on IBM i important?
  • Understanding the PASE environment as the enabler of Open Source on IBM i
  • Managing Open Source on IBM i
  • Getting familiar with the PASE environment
  • Exploring Open Source Programming Languages
  • How Open Source Programming languages integrate with Db2 and ILE
  • Looking at the IBM i variant of the LAMP stack
  • Deploying LAMP-based solutions

Now is the time to learn about Open Source and the benefits it can bring to your business/organization.

Additionally, the exercises are designed in such a way that if the attendee can also run through them on their own systems.

Hands-On:  There is no better way to learn then by hands-on and with that in mind the series has been designed with hands-on exercises to augment the lecture portion of the series.  The hands-on exercises are facilitated via a public-facing IBM i instance that each attendee will have a sign-on to.  File-system containers (topic 4) will be used so that each attendee will be able to install and manage their own set of open source packages.  Additionally, multiple virtual-hosts will be used so that each attendee will have their own web-presence for the exercises.  It is expected that attendees will run through the exercises outside of the webinar series delivery.  The webinar instructor will be available to answer questions concerning the exercises via e-mail outside of the webinar series delivery.  The exercise environment will be available for a period of xx days following conclusion of the series.