August 16, 2018

Webinar: RDi

Speaker: Charles Guarino, Central Park Data Systems

Price: $249 Members, $349 Nonmembers

Time and session description TBA

About the Speaker

Charles Guarino has been an Information Technology consultant for the vast majority of his career. He is the founder and President of Central Park Data Systems, an IBM midrange consulting and corporate training company. In addition, he is a professional speaker presenting at technical conferences and events across the United States and Europe.

Charles is a frequent contributor of articles and webcasts for the IBM i community, with topics covering a broad range of IT topics and strategies. He is a member of COMMON’s Speaker Excellence Hall of Fame and Long Island Software and Technology Network’s Twenty Top Techies. Additionally, Charles serves as a board member of COMMON and participates on COMMON’s Strategic Education Team (SET). Other activities include serving as the president and monthly Q&A host of the Long Island System User’s Group, LISUG.

September 11, 2018 and September 13, 2018

Webinar: Database Design Best Practices on Db2 for IBM i – Break the Application-centric View of the Data

Speaker: Tom McKinley, IBM

Price: $249 Members, $349 Nonmembers

12:00 p.m. – 1:30 p.m. Central Each Day

Session 1 – Designing Tables and DB Objects
This session covers the basics of good data modeling and emphasizes the use of all relational constructs that are part of Db2 for i. Items covered include: basic normalization, tables and constraints, as well as some simple extensions that allow you to improve your current design and transition away from the file system type DB you may be currently using.

Session 2 – Designing Access to the DB
This session covers application design. Focus will be on building components that satisfy the requirements of the application while eliminating the dependencies of the application on the underlying physical data model. The idea of an architected DB interface is introduced. Direct access to the underlying physical data is now regulated to the DB layer. Part of the application development resources now is focused on the DB, providing a simplified powerful interface to the rest of the application. With the DB isolated, many additional options are possible. This design lays the cornerstone of a modern database that might include different data stores and even outside data sources.

Participants will receive handouts and have access to the recordings for three months.

About the Speaker

Tom McKinley is an IBM Lab Services Consultant working on Db2 for IBM i in Rochester, MN. His main focus is complex query performance associated with Business Intelligence (BI) running on very large databases (VLDB). He worked as a developer or performance analyst in the DB area from 1986 until 2006. Some of his major pieces of work include the symmetric multi-processing (SMP) capabilities of Db2 for IBM i as well as large object data types. In addition, he was on the original team that designed and built the SQL Query Engine. Prior to database, he worked on Licensed Internal Code for System 34 and System 36.