Attendee ROI

NAViGATE Return on Investment

Here is an example of how one previous conference attendee calculated his Return on Investment by attending a COMMON NAViGATE conference.

His company faced several IT challenges that required skills and knowledge that currently didn’t exist amongst the team. By attending NAViGATE, he came away with confidence and possible solutions to tackle the challenges he was facing:

  • The technical knowledge he gained from the sessions helped him build a framework to solve the problems.
  • The Expo provided him with choices and opportunities to explore and compare third-party products and solutions that may help the company, all in one location.  
  • The connections he made, and the insight he gained from talking to other attendees and industry experts helped him create a roadmap to address their company’s specific challenges.
  • The contacts and shared solutions went beyond the conference itself; he was able to call upon their expertise to help him develop the solutions.

Without attending NAViGATE, he would have incurred the cost of bringing in a consultant, using various sources to educate himself, including time and costly classes. Even then, he would not have gotten the real-world perspective that our attendees and industry experts bring to the event.

By attending 2.5 days of NAViGATE sessions, meeting industry experts and other members with the same or similar issues, an attendee will gain the knowledge he needs—and more—in less time, and at a lower cost.
Traditional Solution Cost:
  • 3 days of consulting: $4,080 (24 hours x $170/hour)
  • Book purchase: $65
  • Seminar or online class: $695
  • Time away from office for education: $400 (8 hours x $50/hour)
  • 65 hours research: $3,200 (65 hours x $50/hour)
Total cost $8,440

Cost of attending NAViGATE:
  • COMMON conference registration fee $995
  • Travel/housing/living costs: $1,000
  • Time away from office for conference $1,200 (24 hrs x $50/hr)
Total cost $3,195

Savings from gaining solution at NAViGATE Conference = $5,245

Ongoing expertise from connections made at NAViGATE conference = Invaluable