FOCUS 2022

Three days filled with in-depth workshop education were well spent. Keep learning by taking advantage of the session recordings! Login to the virtual conference environment, find your desired session, and select "Click Here for the Reply." 
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Thank you to the expert speakers, solution providers and everyone who attended!


Workshop Topics

  • Application Development

    • Embedded SQL - An Introduction
    • Overall Testing as a Foundation of QA
    • Modern PHP with Mezzio and Vue.js

  • Database

    • Monitoring and Managing SQL on Db2 for i
    • Get Your Data Ready for Analytics on IBM i
    • Creating and Consuming JSON Data with SQL
    • Take Your Application Performance to the Next Level with Database Engineer Essentials
    • Taking the Next Steps with SQL

  • Developing Business Skills

    • N2i Workshop
  • High Availability/Resilience

    • Your Disaster Recovery Plan

  • Mobile and Modernization

    • Introduction to IBM Power Systems Virtual Server for IBM i Users

  • Systems Management

    • Deep Dive into the IBM i Administration Runtime Expert
    • Managing your IBM i with SQL - Made Easy!
    • Introduction to Open Source