Virtual Conference

Virtual Conference

The Virtual Conference is two full days of online education, presented in a conference format on leading topics, delivered by industry expert speakers. We offer two per year, complimentary to anyone, and typically take place in the Summer and Winter. 

The 2020 summer conference is themed The Art of the Possible on IBM i and will include:

  • 15 sessions delivered over two days
  • A fresh perspective on the possibilities with IBM i from innovative users.
  • Learn how other IBM i customers are accelerating their businesses technologies and processes
  • Focus on innovative business applications, how they work and how they add value to the business
  • Customer stories include:
    • Chatbots
    • Artificial Intelligence and Rapid Data Insight
    • Managing the Entire Lifecycle of the Product with Blockchain
    • Leveraging and Integrating Open Source on Power Systems Servers
    • Using Robotics Powered by IBM i
    • Improving Availability through the Use of Advanced HA/DR
    • And Many More...!

Stay tuned for more information for the next Virtual Conference!