Speaker’s Resources

Speaker Mentorship Program


The purpose of COMMON’s Speaker Mentorship Program is to strengthen knowledge and skills, provide invaluable networking opportunities, and enhance the personal and professional growth of participants.

The Mentor’s role will be to guide the Mentee to take their domain knowledge and translate it into a compelling presentation. The Mentee must come into the relationship with a strong background on the technical knowledge he or she wishes to present.

This program begins with a 3-6-month commitment. While not required, the relationship is encouraged to continue beyond this time.


  • Grow the community
  • Gain skills
  • Expand network and influence
  • Increase speaking and organization skills
  • Develop time management abilities

Mentor Requirements

  • Must be a COMMON speaker

Mentor’s Role

  • Provide an outside perspective
  • Listen, in confidence
  • Share own experiences of successes and failures
  • Give unbiased support and guidance
  • Provide honest and constructive feedback
  • Be a sounding board for ideas
  • Suggest alternatives based on personal experience
  • Provide ongoing support and encouragement
  • Guide the Mentee from session inception to presentation

Mentee’s Role

  • Come into the relationship with a technical knowledge on the presentation topic(s)
  • Listen, to understand
  • Question to clarify and make sure communication is properly understood
  • Question to explore additional options and consequences
  • Prepare to act on what has been agreed with mentor
  • Commit to presentation delivery schedule


  1. Mentor and Mentee candidates fill out the online application form
  2. Mentor and Mentee candidates have a 15-30-minute call with COMMON program manager
  3. Mentee is matched with a Mentor if a match is available (match done internally at COMMON HQ)
  4. Mentor/Mentee set up first meeting where they fill out the COMMON Speaker Mentorship Commitment Agreement
  5. Mentor/Mentee work towards presentation goals:
    • Find a topic
    • Develop an engaging title and abstract
    • Review slides
    • Rehearse presentation
    • Attend Mentor’s session (as appropriate)
    • Co-present (optional)
    • Mentee delivers presentation(s)
  6. Feedback meeting between Mentor and Mentee