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  • Trucks and cars are both motor vehicles but they aren’t governed by the same laws. Some might believe that cars require different lawyers since they fall only under state regulations while, on the other hand, trucks are also regulated by federal laws. Simply put, truck drivers and companies are subject to different and more policies than standard read more

  • With around 1.77 billion websites worldwide, it is important to make your website stand out. Everyone is aiming to have their website rank in the top results, so you need to make sure that your website meets the requirements to outrank others. One of the most important ways to get a top rank is through relevant and appropriate SEO terms. Using read more

  • As the novel coronavirus has reminded us, preventing a pandemic is a race between the spread of the disease and efforts to develop an effective vaccine. Even a disease such as the one that is now ravaging parts of China, with about a two percent fatality rate, could potentially kill millions if not contained in time. Think about the 1918 Spanish Flu read more

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    by @Gordon Leary AI, or Artificial Intelligence , is not that scary machine that you saw in that movie last night. AI uses algorithms and data to solve problems , or find answers . Through continued use of these algorithms, we amass more data, and make our machines smarter, and deliver better business results . AI is used in many aspects of our lives read more

  • Security Risks in Mobile Devices

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    The desktop computer industry is giving way to more convenient ways of computing — mobile devices such as smartphones and tablet computers. Convenience is a good thing but generally, it can give way to security caveats. Whether the business or nonbusiness user takes advantage of the devices, there are some points to keep in mind when using them. Complacency read more