Artificial Intelligence Creates a New Sport


volleyball-2612968_1920-196x300.pngArtificial intelligence has been used in many applications, ranging from finance to healthcare. According to Geek.Com. AI has entered the realm of sports.

AI has already performed analyses of athletic performance and has even been used in sports nutrition. However, artificial intelligence has been used to create an entirely new sport called Speedgate

AKQA used data from 400 popular sports and an algorithm to create 10 possible outdoor pastimes. After field-testing the results, Speedgate made the cut.

  • Speed gate is played on a field with two “gates” on either end and a circle in the middle.
  • Two teams of six people, three forwards and three defenders, play the game, the goal of which is to kick or pass a ball through the opposite gate to score.
  • Kicking the ball through the opposite gate gains two points. Ricocheting the ball through the opposite gate scores three points,
  • Players are not allowed to cross the circle in the middle of the field but must throw or kick the ball through it to permit scoring through the gate on the other side.
  • Kicking, pushing, or hitting players on the opposite team is not allowed.
  • The ball must be kept in constant motion, thrown or kicked every three seconds.
It remains to be seen whether the first computer-generated sport will catch on, forming leagues, sparking a professional Speedgate industry, or make the Olympics. However, the game appears to be a great combination of a physical workout, skill, and strategy. One can imagine the new sport, which includes elements of rugby, soccer, football, field hockey, and croquet, becoming popular with people who want to stay fit and have a little fun doing it with something that is brand new. The motto, also generated by AI, is “Face the ball to be the ball to be above the ball.” Perhaps some human creativity should be used to improve that.