Cloud Technology is More than Just Storage


Cloud services and technology originated as storage solutions for businesses but have advanced greatly in the past few years to include options such as cloud-based email, servers, applications, and desktops. These new cloud technologies can benefit your business by providing an updated IT infrastructure that’s secure yet offers the ease of obtaining your business data quickly and efficiently. Continue reading to learn more about a few new ways cloud technology is being introduced in today’s business world.

Cloud-Based Data Backup and Business Continuity

Cloud Computing

One of the new ways cloud-based technology is being used is providing data backup for businesses. Both small businesses and large enterprises should employ data backup strategies to avoid downtime and minimize the chance of falling victim to data breaches. Cloud-based data backup services for your business may vary depending on factors that include speed to reinstate, protection from local disasters or specific file backups. Work with your IT partner in developing a cloud-based business continuity plan, which will help protect your network data and minimize lost productivity and potential lost revenue.

Desktop and Server Virtualization

Cloud virtualization allows one to run multiple operating systems and applications on a single computer. This practice is rapidly becoming a staple solution for businesses looking to reduce total cost of ownership inexpensive hardware while increasing flexibility and redundancy. Utilizing cloud virtualization allows for more convenient transfers of applications to mobile devices like laptops, tablets, and smartphones which means employees can stay connected, securely, even if they’re not in the office.

Consider Cloud Technology

The landscape of business data and network systems changes quickly, talk with your IT partner today to determine if a public, private or hybrid cloud solution is right for your business. The more your IT partner knows about your day-to-day business challenges, the better they can support you in protecting your data, employees and revenue stream.