Every year, COMMON presents awards to distinguished volunteers, innovators, and speakers at POWERUp. See the recipients below and be sure to congratulate them in the discussions below!

Congratulations to @Kim Greene
, recipient of COMMON's Distinguished Service Award. She is being recognized for her longtime service, in many different capacities, for the COMMON community.
Congratulations to @Randy Sunderman, VP of Information Technology at Heartland Co-op, recipient of COMMON's 2020 Innovation Award. He is receiving this award due to the development of a system using IOT to Raspberry PI devices Instead to collect data from farming equipment. Learn more.

Congratulations also to the recipients of the COMMON Best Awards.

Congratulations to all speakers receiving Speaker Excellent Awards! These are speakers whose sessions were exceptional in both content and delivery. The awards are based on feedback from evaluation forms that attendees complete after each session. Be sure to attend their sessions at future events!

Bronze Award

Silver Award

  • @Liam Allan
    Intro to Git

  • @Ray Everhart
    Building and Sharing RDi Templates to Improve Developer Productivity 

  • @Scott Forstie 
    • Real-Time Governance of Database Activity
    • What's New in Db2 for i for 7.4
  • @Charles Guarino
    • RDi and Git - The Basics
    • Configuring RDi for RPG Development
  • @Ted Holt
    • SQL PL for RPG Programmers
  • @Scott Klement

    • Options for Consuming REST APIs from RPG
    • Working with JSON in RPG with YAJ
  • @Dawn May
    • IBM i Performance Data Collectors
    • Introduction to the IBM i Performance Data Investigator
  • @Pete Massiello
    • Moving from HMC Classic GUI to the New Enhanced GUI

Gold Award

  • @Wayne Bowers

    • IBM i ACS Advanced Usage and Administration
    • IBM i Access Client Solutions Deployment Guide

  • @Charles Guarino
    • 17, No 27, No 37 Facts and Figures about Rational Developer for i (RDi)
    • The Business, Science, and Uses of ILE Service Programs
    • Debugging with RDi from the On-Ramp to the Cruising Lane
  • @Ted Holt 
    • Thirty SQL Tips in Sixty Minutes
  • @Dawn May
    • IBM i Prestart Server Jobs
    • IBM i Services for the Systems Administrator
  • @Pete Massiello
    • Cool Things in Navigator to be a Rockstar System Administrator
    • How to Successfully Upgrade to IBM i 7.4 & 7.3
  • @Steve Pitcher
    Rapid Fire Admin