Contrary to popular belief, artificial intelligence (AI) is actually creating many new jobs. According to Forbes, eighty percent of companies said that AI led to the creation of new jobs. Although this obviously varies based on industry, and some industries will be adversely affected, two-thirds of respondents said that AI did not lead to a decrease in jobs.

So which jobs are being created by AI? Following are just some of them, according to the MIT Sloan Management Review.

Trainers will be needed to teach artificial intelligence how to operate. This is especially important when it comes to customer service. Empathy trainers will be needed to teach Alexa and other chat bots how to respond with the proper empathy in certain situations. Explainers will also be needed to help explain to nontechnical business leaders how artificial intelligence operates and how it can be used.

Of course, there will also be a need for sustainers. Humans will be needed to make sure that artificial intelligence is working the way it is supposed to be and to make the necessary changes when needed. Many businesses do not have full confidence in letting artificial intelligence run on its own course without any monitoring.

In addition, according to the CEO of Microsoft, artificial intelligence can help people with certain disabilities do more jobs than they were previously able to.

Of course, there will be a need for specific professionals to operate AI. There will be a need for engineers. There will be a need for copywriters to write the scripts for chatbots.

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