2020 FOCUS

Join COMMON for Focus, our new, all-workshop style virtual event. Attend 4-hour sessions each day, and follow one (or all) of the Topic Series below to gain in-depth knowledge, gain competency, and grow your skills.



1:00-5:00 p.m. CT

December 8-10, 15-17, 2020




Over a two-week period, attend six, half-days packed with in-depth education from industry experts.
There are 18 workshops that have been organized into topic-specific paths to maximize your learning experience and grow your skills.
They will be presented live by industry experts and will include Q&A and discussions to get your questions answered.

Register and gain access to each of the tracks and the recordings for all sessions for the next 30 days.

Series Topics

  • RPG Programmer Bootcamp

    • All You Need to Know About RDi in Four Hours
    • REST APIs and RPG
    • How should RPG Programmers be Doing their Testing

  • Basics for Admins

    • IBM i Admin - Back to the Basics
    • Database Engineer Bootcamp
    • Managing Your IBM i in a Modern Way
    • Understanding and Managing the Performance of your IBM i

  • ACS Trail Map

    • Managing your IBM i in a Modern Way
    • Configuring, Controlling and Setting up ACS for your enterprise
    • Managing Open Source on the Platform

  • Security Dive

    • Regulations and Security Standards and Impact on the IBM i
    • Security Tune-Up

  • SQL Bootcamp

    • SQL Basics
    • Practical SQL in RPG

  • Open Source Language Care and Feeding

    • Introduction to Open Source and Open Source Languages
    • Managing Open Source on the Platform
    • Connecting Open Source to RPG

  • Database Engineer Essentials

    • Database Engineer Bootcamp
    • Understanding Data Analytics

  • Career Growth & Development

    • Your First Five Years in IT: Are You Ready?
    • The Art of Advancing Your Career Beyond the Technical