Open Source skills are in demand. Add Ruby, Python and Node.js to your IBM i toolbox by watching these video tutorials.

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Video Descriptions

The Why and How: Open Source on IBM i - Bartell

Open source on IBM i is growing at an incredibly fast pace. This session will first cover the “why” you should pursue open source and then dive into the “how” of getting started.

We will walk through the reasoning of why pursuing Open Source is as much of a business decision as it is a technology decision. Also, we will discuss commercial vs. Open Source software and associated costs.

Then we’ll dive into describing the PASE environment on IBM i and how it facilitates Open Source. We will describe how to access and navigate PASE. And lastly we’ll describe some tangible examples of how you can adopt Open Source on a small scale to “test the waters”.

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Intro to Ruby / Python / Node.js - Helgren / Adler / Bartell

Come get your first look at Ruby / Python / Node.js and learn some of the basics! Also, learn about the product offerings that enable you to do software development with the language on the platform. Upon completing this class, you will be able to acquire, install and use the language on IBM i, as well as extend its power using contributions from the larger Open Source community.

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Ruby / Python / Node.js: Database & XMLSERVICE - Helgren / Adler / Bartell

Learn about the various options for connecting Ruby / Python / Node.js to the DB2 for i database. Learn how to run simple queries and iterate the results. Plus, did you know that Ruby / Python / Node.js comes with an IBM i toolkit? This toolkit allows you to easily integrate with existing RPG programs, but it doesn’t end there. You can also call CL commands, PASE shell scripts, access data queues and much more! Come learn the tips and tricks for getting started.

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Beyond “Hello World” – Building Your First Ruby / Python / Node.js Application - Helgren / Adler / Bartell

Let’s start putting all this together! This session will walk you through starting/configuring a web framework, establishing the proper web pages and serving up a useful web application with Ruby / Python / Node.js.

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Swim in the Ocean of Open Source (aka IBM i Chroot) - Bartell

In this session we will introduce the ibmichroot (IBM i Chroot) Open Source project which aims to make it simpler to install new Open Source technology without hosing** your IBM i. Think of this technology being similar to being able to create a bunch of micro instances of IBM i all on a single instance of IBM i. This is accomplished by using PASE’s chroot utility.

** technical term 🙂

Further, the ibmichroot project facilitates the download and install of AIX binaries from hosts hundreds of Open Source programs from the Linux world that have been made to work on AIX. Some of the more notable ones include: gcc, Git, joe (server-side editor), bash, zsh, perl, bzip2. Having these tools on IBM i affords us much and levels the playing field.

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Compiling Open Source Software on IBM i - Adler

./configure; make; make install – it can’t be that easy, can it? Learn how open source code is built and navigate some of the pitfalls of building open source code for IBM i in PASE.

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Node.js, Watson, Websockets - Bartell

HTML5 gave us WebSockets. IBM gave us Watson. Did you know we can easily access Watson from IBM i for our own business purposes? We can, and it is sooooo stinkin’ cool.

Attend this session to learn how you can call on Watson from IBM i using Node.js. You will learn about what Watson is and available APIs. How WebSockets work to communicate from browser to IBM i and from IBM i to Watson. And finally, learn how the Node.js library makes it dead simple to do WebSockets.

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Intro to Git - Adler

In short, Git allows you to keep a detailed history of source code changes with very little effort. Git is free, Open Source and easy to install on IBM i. What are you waiting for?

Git is a distributed version control system designed to handle everything from small to very large projects with speed and efficiency. Git is arguably the most popular way to manage source code versions industry wide.

Learning Objectives:

  • Introduction to what Git is and how IT works
  • Installation of Git on IBM i
  • How to connect with Bitbucket/GitHub via SSH
  • Basic flows of usage
  • Visual Git tooling

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Kevin Adler

Kevin AdlerKevin Adler works for IBM as part of the Emerging Solutions team. He has experience in many programming languages including C, C++, Java, CL, RPGLE, COBOL, Perl, Python, Ruby, JavaScript and more. In his time at IBM, he has worked as the IBM i test lead for WebSphere MQ and after that working on various parts of DB2 for i, including CLI; SQ runtime; IBM i Access ODBC driver; and writing many SQL services. In 2015, he joined the Emerging Solutions team to bring his love of Open Source Software to the IBM i platform.

Aaron Bartell

Aaron BartellAaron Bartell is Director of IBM i Innovation at Krengel Technology, Inc. Aaron facilitates adoption of Ruby On Rails on IBM i through professional services, staff training, speaking engagements, and the authoring of best practices within industry publications. With an additional strong background in RPG application development, Aaron also covers topics which enable IBM i shops to embrace today’s leading open source technologies – like using Git for RPG source change management or RSpec for unit testing RPG. Aaron is a passionate advocate of Ruby on Rails and the corresponding benefits available for today’s modern application developers. Connect with Aaron via email at Aaron lives with his wife and five children in Southern Minnesota. He enjoys the vast amounts of laughter having a young family brings, along with camping and music. He believes there’s no greater purpose than to give of our life and time to help others.

Pete Helgren

Pete HelgrenCurrently Java Team Lead at Bible Study Fellowship International, Pete Helgren is an RPG/C++/VB/Java programmer with over 24 years of system 3X/AS400/iSeries/IBM i experience. He holds certifications as a GIAC Secure Software Programmer-Java and as a MCSE. His passion has always been in system integration and currently focuses on Open Source applications and integration activities. He has had previous lives as a Regional Training and Support manager for Pearson Plc and HR Director for Meridian School District, Meridian, ID.