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Analyzing Recursive Data with SQL (FREE FOR MEMBERS)


by Birgitta Hauser, Toolmaker GmbH

Thursday, April 2, 2015 • 12:00 pm Central Time


According to the SQL Standard, hierarchical (e.g. organization charts, bill of materials) or bi-directional data (e.g. flight connections) can be evaluated by using a recursive common table expression (RCTE). RCTEs were integrated with release V5R4 into DB2 for  i. Other databases such as Oracle use a non-ANSI SQL Standard method for querying data called hierarchical query clause. To allow maximum portability the hierarchical query clause is introduced with PTF SF99701 Version 9 in DB2 for i. This session will show you both methods in depth.


Learning Objectives: In this session you’ll learn how recursive data must be stored in database tables/files and the methods (Recursive Commont Table Expressions and Hierarchical Query Clause) to be used to analyze them.


Audience: Developers and Users who are experienced in SQL Queries and need to evaluate recursive data or simply want to enhance their SQL know-how.


About the speaker:

Birgitta Hauser has been a Software Engineer since 2008, focusing on RPG, SQL and Web development on System i/Power i at Toolmaker GmbH in Germany. She graduated with a business economics diploma, and started programming on the AS/400 in 1992. Before joining Toolmaker, she was responsible for the complete RPG, ILE, and Database programming conceptions for a software house with its own Warehouse Management Software Package. She also works in consulting and education as a trainer for RPG and SQL developers. Since 2002 she has frequently spoken at the COMMON user groups in Germany, Switzerland and USA. In addition, she is co-author of two redbooks and also the author of several papers focusing on RPG and SQL for IBM Developer Works and a German magazine. 


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