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Which PHP Coding Style Should IBM i Programmers Use? (FREE FOR EVERYONE)


by Duncan Kenzie and Marcel Sarrasin, BCD and Quadrant Software

Thursday, November 6, 2014 • 12:00 pm Central Time


PHP is a great choice for IBM i web application development because it’s a powerful, open-source language and relatively easy for RPG programmers to learn. There are three PHP coding styles to consider: procedural, object-oriented (OO) and model-view-controller (MVC). Each style has different benefits and varying degrees of difficulty so it’s important to choose the right approach when you get started.


Join Duncan Kenzie, Chief Knowledge Officer for BCD and Quadrant Software, for this webinar where he’ll discuss:

1) The similarities and differences between each PHP coding style

2) When - and why - you should consider advancing to OO or MVC

3) The best approach for RPG programmers


In the second half of this presentation, Marcel Sarrasin, Director of Marketing for BCD and Quadrant Software, will show you how WebSmart’s PHP templates speed up development for each coding approach.


Duncan Kenzie is the Chief Knowledge Officer for BCD and Quadrant Software. He is the author of WebSmart ILE and WebSmart PHP, Nexus, Catapult, and several other IBM i productivity tools. Duncan began his career with IBM and has 33 years experience in the Midrange space. He thoroughly enjoys web development and is a frequent speaker and author of several technical articles for leading Midrange publications.


Marcel Sarrasin is the director of marketing for BCD and Quadrant Software. During his 13 years in the IBM i market place he has filled many roles with BCD including product manager, technical support manager and trainer. Marcel has spoken to hundreds of people looking for IBM i modernization and web solutions, and he has helped hundreds of programmers, mostly RPG programmers, become proficient web developers using BCD solutions.


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