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COMMON Acronyms

Over the years, COMMON has developed a language of its own. With this handy guide, you’ll know what to say when someone at MoM asks if you met a SME at the LUG meeting last night.

ACL access control list
AD application development
API application programming interface
APPN advanced peer-to-peer networking
ASCII American National Standard Code for Information Interchange
ATM asynchronous transfer mode
AUG Affiliated user group
BI business intelligence
CaN Community and Networking
CCP configuration control program
CET Conference education team
CGI common gateway interface
CL control language
COS Course of Study
DASD direct access storage device
DBCS double byte character set
DBMS database management system
DDM distributed database manager
DSA Distinguished Service Award
EC electronic commerce
EDI electronic document interchange
ERP enterprise resource planning
GUI graphical user interface
HOBO Honorary board official
ILE integrated language environment
IPL initial program load
JAC Judicial affairs council
LAN local area network
LUG Local user group
MOM Meeting of the Members
OO object oriented
PDM program development manager
PTF program temporary fix
RFP request for proposal
RiP Retired i Professional
ROI return on investment
SDA screen design aid
SEU source entry utility
SME Subject Matter Expert
SQL structured query language
SUG Sister user group
TCP/IP transmission control protocol/internet protocol
TLC Tactical liaisons to curriculum
UDB Universal Database
VPS Vendor product session
YiP Young i Professional

COMMON Requirements

Welcome to COMMON’s Requirements Portal, your resource to share and enhance the IBM i and AIX operating systems by submitting feature requests and requirements to IBM. Part of COMMON’s advocacy efforts, this is your opportunity to make the operating system better for the entire community and provide a voice to IBM.

COMMON 2016 Buyer's Guide

The 2016 Buyer's Guide is now available. It's your reference for product and solution providers that serve the IBM Power Systems market.