Thank you for attending the 2016 COMMON Virtual Conference & Expo on June 28. We hope you had a great educational experience.

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Sessions On Demand

Art of the Possible: What is Modernization on IBM i – Tim Rowe

Application modernization can mean different things to different people-ask 10 people and you will get 10 different answers. One thing they all have in common, though, is the big question: “How can I deliver modern applications to our business?” With the delivery of our Modernization of IBM i Applications Redbook, we will dive into what modernization looks like and give some general principles that can be leveraged when you get home. We will also take a look at what some IBM i customers are already doing today and the technology behind the solutions.

Choosing Storage for IBM i – Sue Baker

There are so many storage options from which to choose! Which one is right for me? In this session, Sue will describe the options and discuss the considerations for choosing one over another in various scenarios.

Sponsored: Smart vs. Easy – A New Approach to UI Modernization – Nick Hampson (Fresche)

Moving from 5250 can seem like a huge undertaking. In this practical session, Nick will show you how to easily modernize your UI the smart way by using the revolutionary ‘App Graph’ feature in Newlook. The new application insights allows developers to visually understand how users spend their time in the application – including which screens and fields are used most often – and then decide which parts of the application need to be modernized first. Using this information helps determine where to start and where to focus your efforts to dramatically cut down the time to modernize, ensuring your project includes all of the areas that will add value to your users and your business.

Nick will walk you through some key features of Newlook Developer that allow you to transform your 5250 green screens quickly, while taking advantage of decades of code and years of information.

SPONSOR – High Availability for IBM Power System i – “There is No Solution That Is “One Size Fits All” – Matt Staddler (IT Solutions Group)

This session is designed to educate you,  so you can make an intelligent decision on what High Availability solution is best for you, your company and your IBM Power System i.  This is a high level over view of both logical and Hardware replication High Availability solutions.

Whether you are a current HA client or looking for a High Availability solution for your IBM Power System I this session is for you.

Sponsored: Develop IBM i Mobile and Desktop Applications with a Single Code Base – Duncan Kenzie and Marcel Sarrasin (Quadrant / BCD)

IBM i organizations benefit when users can access web applications from both desktops and mobile devices. But how do you accommodate all of the different device types without spending valuable time developing multiple versions of your applications? Attend this session to learn how quickly you can create mobile-friendly PHP, RPG or Node.js web applications with WebSmart’s new responsive web application development templates.

You’ll see how the templates:

  • Generate one code base for mobile/desktop
  • Use Bootstrap to create applications that resize to fit various screen sizes
  • Attract new developers by using popular web technologies

Sponsored: Size Matters – Field Resizing Made Easy – Robert Arce (Fresche)

The effort required to change a field length can seem overwhelming. Many companies have faced this challenge during a merger or acquisition or even those who have experienced significant growth. Making pervasive changes to fields like the customer number or item number can seem impossible to solve in a timely manner. Field resizing projects tend to be routine and don’t bring any new skills to developers.

In this session, Robert shows developers how X-Resize empowers you to quickly scope your project, automatically perform the mundane changes, and quickly start the testing phase. By using an automated approach to achieve your goal of getting them done quickly and efficiently, you now have time and budget for the “cool” new projects.

DB2 for i Query Optimization – Jim Denton

A critical success factor in using SQL to query data, whether it be to do some simple record look up or a complex report, is to understand the process of query optimization. This session gives an introduction to query optimization and the DB engine. It also covers the factors that influence optimizer, the output of the optimizer and lists the tools you should be using to view feedback provided by the optimizer.

Rapid Fire Admin – Steve Pitcher

This is a jam packed session designed to help ensure every IBM i administrator and operator has at least a backpack full of valuable tips for when they return home. From command line to Qshell to IBM Navigator for i, Steve is going to sprint you through it at a pace of at least two tips per minute, or at least 150 tips!

Providing RPG Web Services on IBM i – Scott Klement

This session will teach RPG developers how to provide web services on IBM i. It will demonstrate REST web services with both XML and JSON formatted responses using the IBM HTTP Server for i, and SOAP web services using the IBM Integrated Web Services tool. (These tools are no-charge products included with the IBM i operating system.)

Windows 10 Happiness: Moving to Access Client Solutions from Access for Windows – Wayne Bowers

IBM i Access Client Solutions is the newest member of the IBM i Access Product Family, and it is a platform independent client that is supported running on multiple Operating Systems like Macintosh, Linux, and Windows. We will take a look at all that ACS has to offer, Emulator, Data Transfer, Run SQL Scripts. Printer Output, Console, and much more! An Additional focus will be in understanding what is needed to move from iAccess for Windows to the new ACS offering.