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December 13

What’s New in Database since IBM i 7.1?

Upgrade Now and Use DB2 for i Enhancements – Scott Forstie, IBM

During this session, Scott will do his best to convince you to chart a path to IBM i 7.2 or 7.3. If modern applications interest you, then attend this session to hear about the many database and SQL enhancements for application development that exist only in IBM i 7.2 and IBM i 7.3.

Judge for yourself which enhancements you want to utilize. Like most database enhancements, they’re built into DB2 for i, meaning that if you upgrade, your team will have a short distance to travel to reach new levels of productivity and ability to solve important business requirements. We have a lot of ground to cover in 90 minutes, so it is recommended that you find a quiet location, have a caffeinated beverage and fully engross yourself in understanding this important topic.

Advanced SQL Overview – Jim Denton, IBM

This session explains how to use the SQL language to implement data-centric solutions, which provide better performance and increase programmer productivity. Topics include principles of data-centric programming, leveraging auto-generated column values, using view and table expressions to write better set based SQL and simplifying application programming using OLAP functions. This session is a must for anyone who wants to take full advantage of all the capabilities of SQL including enhancements in the IBM i 7.x releases.

Sponsored Session: Monitoring & Recovery: The Best Defense Against the Worst Case Scenario – John Dominic, Maxava

IBM Power Systems are processing more data than ever before, resulting in an urgent need for application and system availability. This can be a massive challenge for smaller organizations to address without straining resource and adding hardware. This webinar will demonstrate how a combination of cloud monitoring and recovery acts as a first and last line of defense – without breaking the bank.

ACS, DB2 and the Latest Tools – Scott Forstie and Jesse Gorzinski, IBM

This session will show how IBM i Access Client Solutions (ACS) is providing new and improved Navigator capabilities for the database user.

We will include a live demo of database features in ACS Nav, some of which are currently available and others which will be available soon.

If you know and love using iAccess for Windows to work with DB2 for i, come to this session to understand how ACS Nav can help you now and into the future.

Cool Things You Can Do with DB2 Web Query – Doug Mack, IBM

You own it. Are you using it? Did you know you can….

  • Embed a Query/400 report in a spreadsheet?
  • Place a map on a dashboard displaying key performance indicators by geography?
  • Leverage or customize reports to view key system utilization metrics across LPARS or Servers?
  • Or check how up to date you are on Group PTFs?
  • Replace 50 Query/400 reports with a single auto-drill down report for your business analysts?
  • Create a visualization of data returned from a DB2 Stored Procedure or View? Extract data from Microsoft SQLServer, Oracle and many other databases for consolidated enterprise reporting?

You Betcha! This session will show you some of the cool things you can do with this web based Business Intelligence tool.

How to Get Started with DB2 Web Query – Doug Mack, IBM

Now that you’ve seen the cool things you can do, learn how you can get started with this web-based BI solution. There are several “easy buttons” with DB2 Web Query that you should know about, including:

  • Wizards to auto create meta data and reports
  • Tutorials to jump-start your learning
  • Sample report templates

Out of the box solutions for security monitoring and auditing report usage will also be covered. We will also review what you get with the DB2 Web Query package to help you deal with some of the tough data issues, like dealing with dates.

December 14

Cloud, Disaster Recovery and IBM i Security Updates

Security Considerations for Mobile Applications – Robert Andrews, IBM

During this session, we will discuss the considerations and implementation details necessary for both developing secure mobile applications as well as deploying them in your organization. We will cover the security options and capabilities available from IBM which can be used to implement the necessary security controls within a mobile application. This presentation is a must see for IT Managers, Application Developers and Security Administrators as a number of considerations, techniques and products available for securing data and the app are discussed.

Upcoming PCI Requirements and What they Mean to the IBM i Community – Carol Woodbury, HelpSystems

The PCI Council has issued several updates to the Payment Card Industry’s Data Security Standard (PCI DSS). New requirements range from requiring two-factor authentication to ending the use of protocols with known vulnerabilities and more. As we all know, we must often interpret requirements to understand how (and whether) they apply to IBM i. New requirements outlined in the most recent PCI DSS updates will be described and their IBM i requirements discussed in detail.

What’s New in IBM i 7.1, 7.2 and 7.3 Security – Jeff Uehling, IBM

This presentation will cover the extensive list of security enhancements added by IBM in the 7.1, 7.2 and recently announced 7.3 operating system releases. The 7.2 enhancement called Row and Column Access Control (RCAC) will be discussed, including an example to get you started. The 7.3 security changes include the major security enhancement called Authority Collection, plus exciting new support to Audit Network Communication sessions into and out of your IBM i Server.

Sponsored Session: IBM i Security: Resisting a Cyber-Attack – Robin Tatam, HelpSystems

A sneak peek into HelpSystems’ 2017 IBM i Marketplace Survey Results reveals that security is rising rapidly in the ranks of top IT initiatives. This is not unexpected after an explosion of data breaches and regulatory mandates like SOX, PCI and GDPR. Security has garnered executive attention and is shining a spotlight on the necessity for hardened controls. Join this session to learn if IBM i is at risk and where common configuration mistakes may leave you exposed.  This session will also introduce HelpSystems’ expansive portfolio of security solutions designed specifically to help mitigate and manage IBM i security risk.

You will learn about:

  • Conducting a vulnerability scan
  • Breaching a system via PC (network) services
  • Encrypting data at rest
  • Real-time event monitoring
  • Configuration auditing and enforcement
  • Managing privileged user access

Sponsored Session: Journey to Private Cloud – Discovering the Value of Managed Disaster Recovery & Systems Availability – Peg Tuttle, Denovo

It’s time to rethink your IBMi Disaster Recovery strategy. Business requirements for application availability and DR continue to become more aggressive. Repeatable Disaster Recovery forces IT organizations to think differently. By partnering with Denovo, you gain the benefit of a proven approach to meeting your business needs every day. Our dedicated IBMi specialists share decades of DR experience delivering hundreds of successful tests and 22 computer room incidents and FEMA related disasters backed by our SLA. Get a managed solution for the cost of your current in house solution. Denovo lets you focus on your family in a disaster while we deliver your business.

Sponsored Session: Achieving Extreme Availability: How Active-Active Replication Transforms your Business Continuity Strategy – Ron Peterson, Vision Solutions

Any business interruption creates the risk of revenue loss. One of the most effective ways to enable increased server availability and performance is to establish an active-active replication environment. Active-active replication configurations facilitate continuous operations, provide disaster recovery across an unlimited distance with a recovery objective of seconds to minutes, eliminate business interruptions during upgrades and maintenance, and provide the flexibility to optimize workload management. However, implementing an active-active replication solution is not trivial. The key to success lies in conflict detection and resolution. This presentation discusses the technologies and preparation required to implement an active-active architecture and explains how MIMIX enables you to achieve extreme availability.

IT Directors and Systems Administrators responsible for IBM i availability and disaster recovery will learn:

  • How active-active builds on traditional HA/DR replication topologies
  • Benefits of active-active replication and how it works
  • Challenges of implementing an active-active replication environment
  • How MIMIX supports active-active replication

Lost System Access, Lost Data – A Silent Killer in a Disaster – Richard Dolewski, Denovo

Our businesses today demand 99.99% uptime reliability to move product, services and keep market share. Can your organization afford to lose your company’s most valuable asset -“Your Data”? Learn how to dramatically transform your data protection techniques and enhance availability requirements to address today’s business challenges as it relates to resiliency and continuity of business operations. Acquire proven availability techniques for Cloud and Traditional IBM i.

DR Planning for Success of Your IBM i – Richard Dolewski, Denovo

Do you have a Disaster Recovery plan? Are you really prepared? Surviving in business depends on how well you prepare for the unexpected. If a disaster struck, how would your company do? Using the Business Continuity Model, the session breaks down the critical components for DR Planning and Testing as it relates to your IBM i.