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Session Evaluations

Accurate session evaluation data starts with you, the speaker - please follow these guidelines:

Session evaluation forms are pre-printed with the title, ID#, agenda key and speaker name (or 2 speaker names where applicable). The forms will be delivered to each room every morning and placed on the speaker table at the front of the room.

Please follow these steps at the start of your session:

  • Locate the manilla envelope that contains your evaluation forms (placed on the speaker table).
  • Distribute the evaluation forms to your attendees and review your session title and speaker name(s) to ensure they are using the correct form.
  • Encourage the attendees to complete the form and drop it in the paper bag outside the session room as they exit.
  • Drop the manilla envelope along with any stray evaluation forms in the paper bag as you exit.

NOTE: Do not make any suggestions to the audience about how they should rate the session or the speaker. Speakers who violate this guideline will not be eligible for speaker medals or awards.

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